Fortnite - Rumble Ruins

I had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with Candice Fonville and Leo Huang on the development of the building kits for Rumble Ruins' POI.

I utilized Substance Designer to create tiling textures that brought the architecture to life and to ensure consistency and cohesiveness across our team's efforts, I also crafted Painter smart materials, which we shared throughout the team.

I would like to say a big thanks to Steve Hendricks for managing the outsourced props and to Mike Kime for his exceptional work on the statues. Their contributions were invaluable to the success of our project.

As with most things in game development this was a team effort and the results would not be possible without the contributions of many. Some assets featured are from a shared library created by other artists at Epic or outsourced.
Art Direction: Andy Carroll
Level Design: Jack Carr
Lighting: Paul Oakley
Concept: Sam Williams
Environment Artists: Candice Fonville, Leo Huang