Fortnite - Lavish Lair

In this chapter, my focus centered on Lavish Lair, where my responsibilities included modeling and texturing the extensively used Estate kit in this season's map. The design for this Point of Interest (POI) was led by Rich Eastwood, with concept support from Zach Rabon, while Paul Oakley took charge of enhancing the lighting and atmosphere.

Throughout this season, I received additional texture support from Daniel Thiger. His incredibly versatile base materials were extremely useful, accelerating development processes and ensuring a cohesive texturing style across the project.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 was a huge collaborative effort across many departments. The results would not be possible without the contributions of many. Some assets featured are from a shared library created by other artists at Epic.

Art Direction: Andy Carroll
Concept: Zach Rabon
Level Design: Rich Eastwood
Lighting: Paul Oakley