Fortnite - Mega City

For Mega City we set out to make a POI larger than anything we’ve done in previous seasons. To achieve this we utilized large non-breakable sections of buildings that wouldn’t contribute to our relatively small actor count limit on lower end platforms.

My responsibilities here were to make these optimized non-breakable buildings that would both serve as a shell and core of the structures after the standard breakable kit pieces are destroyed. Also, for player clarity on what’s breakable or not, we decided to keep the non-breakable materials bulky and overly detailed as if they were constructed out of one solid metal panel or a block of solid concrete.
As with most things in game development this was a team effort and the results would not be possible without the contributions of many. Some assets featured are from a shared library created by other artists at Epic or outsourced.

Art Direction: Nate Bowden
Level Design: Rich Eastwood, Yogi Hughes
Technical Artists: Bill Kladis, Paul Mader
Concept: Gervasio Canda
Environment Artists: Ean Vasquez, Candice Fonville, Leo Huang. Jóannes Mohr